Welcome to the Barrel Guild’s FAQs.  Our goal here is to answer any and all questions that you might have regarding our new membership-based “beer club”.

First and foremost… we want to thank you for joining us on this journey into the ever-evolving world of barrel-aged, mixed fermentation beer. We are fully aware that asking for $300 of your hard-earned cash is not to be taken lightly… and we will do everything in our power to make sure The Barrel Guild2017 Membership is filled with nothing but positive vibes and wonderful experiences.  Oh, and damn tasty, super-limited beers.

Why did we create The Barrel Guild?

The simple goal of our “Guild” is to reward its (300) members with world-class beer, groovy rewards, and cool events, while fostering a collaborative and innovative beer focused (snob-free) community as well as a fun, educational interactive forum.

So, without further ado… the Questions and answers.

Q: How can I purchase a 2017 Barrel Guild Membership?

A: 2017 Memberships can be purchased at starting Sunday, December 4th, 2016 at 12:00pm (pst). Once all 300 Memberships are sold… the 2017 Membership program will be CLOSED. We WILL NOT release additional memberships for 2017.

Q: This sounds interesting! But what beers can I expect?

A: We are still working on finalizing the full bottle release schedule for 2017, but Members will receive 13 bottles (if they purchase the membership in full at time of purchase) or 12 bottles (if they chose the two-payment membership option).  Here is a sneak peek AT of some of the fun goodies that will be available (subject to change):

  • Framboise Noir (black raspberry golden sour aged in red wine barrels; 500ml)

  • Blabaer-style (lambic-inspired wild ale w/ blueberries; aged in red wine barrels; 500ml)

  • Barrel-aged Cherry Pie Broadacres (mixed fermentation Berliner Weisse aged in red wine barrels w/ extra fruit & spices; 500ml)

  • Kriek Freak (dark sour w/ cherries; aged in white barrels; 500ml)

  • Old Ale on Brett (aged in High West rye bourbon barrels; 500ml)

  • Moriarty (imperial stout w/ mixed brett culture; aged in Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels; 500ml)

  • “Unnamed” lambic-inspired 3-year blend (750ml)

  • Plus 5 other rare mix-fermentation barrel-aged offerings.

All beers will be barrel-aged for an extended period of time and will be packaged in either 500ml or 750ml bottles.

Q: What does a Barrel Guild membership include?

A: The 2017 Membership includes the following:

  • BEER:

    • 12 or 13 bottles (based on whether you purchase your membersHIP in full at time of purchase or CHOOSE for the two payment option).


    • Limited-edition hand screen-printed poster (hand-signed & numbered by artist TBA)

    • Special Barrel Guild Growler (32oz.)

    • Bottle tote for your stash

    • Fancy membership card (gives you a 10% discount in the taproom; member only)

    • Custom Tulip glass (x1)

    • The Skeleton Key Bottle Opener (a collectible, can be used as keychain or necklace)

    • Access to exclusive merchandise, including the official Barrel Guild hoodie.


    • 2 tickets to the Initiation Gathering & Bottle Pick-up Celebration

    • Access to The Barrel Guild Only Taproom beers & growler/crowler releases including exclusive hoppy offerings (DIPAs, New England-style, etc.)

    • Access to The Barrel Guild online bottle & merchandise shoppe.

    • Exclusive meet ‘n greet with our brewers, blenders & dark overlords.

    • First opportunity to purchase two tickets to all Phantom Carriage events, including anniversary parties, festivals, beer dinners, film screenings, music shows, barrel cellar tours, and so forth.

    • First opportunity to attend exclusive film screenings (indoors & outdoors) with filmmaker meet ‘n greets (movies & guest TBD)

Q: Exclusive Barrel Guild draft beer. How do I get it?

A: From time to time, we will have a draft beer exclusively devoted to members of The Barrel Guild. We will announce these beers ahead of time to give you time to grab some. These will be limited in quantity… so we can’t guarantee that everyone will get some. We will also offer growler/crowler fills of these beers (pricing will be based on availability, ABV, ingredients, etc.) Some of these draft release will also serve as sneak previews of upcoming bottle releases. Cool, right? Please note: Trustees DO NOT have access to the Barrel Guild exclusive draft line.

Q: Is it possible to split membership with a friend or significant other?

A: All memberships are issued and treated as individual memberships. Each membership must be associated with ONLY one person. Your Trustees are not considered members (unless they are also members themselves).

Q: So, where do I get my Barrel Guild beer?

A: We will announce pick-up celebrations as we move forward.  These will be held quarterly.  If you cannot attend the pick-up celebration then you will have 60 days to pick up your beer in the taproom.  

If you opt for the shipping option… we will send the bottle(s) to you at the time of the pick-up celebrations. Remember… this option is ONLY available in California.  The shipping fee will be added at the time of membership purchase.

Q: Can you ship my beer?

A: Yes we can, but ONLY if you opted for the “Ship Them” option during your Membership purchase.  In order to avoid confusion and potential mistakes, if you opt for the shipping method you will pay the annual fee up front and we will ship you ALL of your beers as they ARE released.  You cannot “pick and choose” which beers you want to have shipped.  We use GSO Overnight and your shipping flat fee will cover all shipping costs, packaging and handling. If you chose “Ship Them” the annual shipping cost will be added to your Membership purchase.

Q: I want my schwag! When can I pick up the Membership goodies & beer?

A: All beers in the Barrel Guild program will be released throughout the year, with a multi-bottle release occuring every quarter of 2017.   Timing for the release of each beer will, largely be determined by the beer’s aging progress in the barrel.  We will keep you updated on progress of Guild beers as the year progresses.  We will NEVER release beer that does not meet our highest Phantom Carriage standards!

we will notify members via email about the release date for each beer. Once again, if you or your Trustee can’t make the pick-up celebration, don’t sweat it!  We hold them for you for 60 days until you’re able to pick them up.

Our goal is to have merch (glassware & t-shirts) ready for pickup in mid-February 2017. IF ANYTHING CHANGES, We'll be sure to keep all Barrel Guild members posted.

Q: How long will you hold my beers?

A: We will hold your beer 60 days after the release date.  We are reasonable so if for some reason you or your trustee can’t pick up the beer… e-mail us we we’ll extend it for a bit longer.  If arrangements are not made and the 60-day window expires… all leftover beer be considered forfeited, and likely be sold to 2017 Barrel Guild members.

Q: Can we wait and pick up all the beer at the end of the year?

A: Due to space limitations, we can only hold beer for 60 days after the release. That is why we’re also offer the Shipping & Trustee option.

Q: Can I send a trustee to pick up my beers for me?

Yes. But only if they’re cool.  All jokes aside… you can designate ONE trustee on the 2017 Barrel Guild Membership product page.  Please specify their full name & include the email address of the person who will be picking up your beers. But please note: in doing this, you are authorizing the release of ALL Barrel Guild items to this person. Phantom Carriage will not liable for what happens to the items once they leave the brewery in the custody of your trustee. Chose your Trustee wisely.

Q: Designating Trustees – Can I do it now and can I change my trustee later down the road?

Yes, you can designate your Trustee at the time of check-out on the Barrel Guild website.  But you don’t have to. You can email us later once you’ve selected this trusted individual. Please use: This can be done at any point during your membership. But please keep in mind that we only allow ONE Trustee per membership. We also kindly ask that you notify us of any Trustee changes at least 48 hours in advance of that person coming by the Taproom to pick up your bottles.

Q: Will additional t-shirts & hoodies be available to members?

A: Yes.  We will send out an additional merchandise pre-order e-mail early next year to all members of The Barrel Guild. The Barrel Guild merch WILL NOT be available to the general public.

Q: Will The Barrel Guild releases be available to non-Barrel Guild members?

A: No. Only members in The Barrel Guild will have access to these beers.  Our yields will be small so we want to make sure only The Barrel Guild members receive these beers.  Bottom line: We will NEVER sell The Barrel Guild beers to the general public.

Q: So why $300 per membership? How the hell did you come up with this price?

A: we wanted to create a truly amazing value proposition with this membership.  Here is a breakdown of the retail value of all the goodies that are included in The Barrel Guild:

  • 5x Bottle Releases (750ml) @ $30/each = $150

  • 8x Bottles Releases (500ml) @ $16/each = $128

  • T-shirt: $20

  • Skeleton Key: $5

  • Goblet: $10

  • Screen-printed Poster: $10

  • Canvas Tote: $10

  • Collectable Growler: $25

  • “Fancy” Membership Card: $5

  • Initiation Celebration Tickets (x2): $20

  • GRAND TOTAL: $383

Not a bad deal, right?!  And with the 10% discount that membership holders will receive in the taproom, we believe this proposition is pretty sweet.

Q: Cancellations & Refunds. Is this an option?

A: Sorry…  all sales are final. We cannot issue a refund for any reason. We will do everything in our power to make sure you don’t ever feel like you need one!  Thank you for your support!